OU-JLIC Club Student Leaders 2016 – 2017

Gavi Dechter
Co-Ed Program Team

Gavi Dechter was raised in Woodmere, NY and attended DRS high school. Along with his fraternal twin, he went on to learn Torah in Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh in the Old City of Jerusalem for a year before coming to Queens College. Currently in his junior year, Gavi is majoring in psychology with a minor in BALA and is therefore well connected to the QC Jewish community. In his spare time, Gavi enjoys playing music with his friends, attending shiurim, and coaching DRS’s JV softball team. Although it was difficult to give up the luxuries of the Five Towns, Gavi made the decision to move to Queens in his sophomore year so he could be more involved in on campus Jewish life. Gavi knows that he sounds like a classic Five Towns kid but urges you to befriend him despite this. On a serious note, he takes a lot of pride in being a part of the OU-JLIC Club Co-Ed Program Team this year and looks forward to working with you to build a space to hang out, learn, and have a good time.

Aliza Fromowitz
Women’s Program Team

Aliza Fromowitz lives in Woodmere, NY where she spent her high school years in SKA. She then spent a year studying in Shaalvim for Women in Israel. Aliza is currently a Junior in Queens College, majoring in psychology and hoping to pursue a career in the field of Special Education. From the moment she stepped onto campus, Aliza connected to the OU-JLIC educators while also making tons of new friends! She joined the on-campus women’s Torah learning program, HaMidrasha at QC, and can’t get enough of it! In her second year here at QC, Aliza continues to participate in OU-JLIC Events as well as plan them as one of the very first student leaders of the OU-JLIC Women’s Program Team. She enjoys working hand-in-hand with the OU-JLIC Educators and Student Leaders to help create incredibly special learning and social opportunities for women. Aliza is looking forward to the coming semester and can’t wait to make connections with students new and old!

Binyamin Goldman
Men’s Program Team, OU-JLIC Club Vice President

Binyamin Goldman began his life on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and continued on to West Orange, NJ where he attended JEC for 13 years. Following a year and a half at Yeshivat Lev Hatorah in Israel, Binyamin came to Queens College where he is now a Junior as well as the head of the OU-JLIC Club Men’s Program. Binyamin took this position is because he knows what it’s like to be a new student looking for a place to fit in and wants to help create a welcoming space for his fellow students within the OU-JLIC Men’s Program. If you ever want to talk about life, food, Judaism, or pretty much anything else, Binyamin can be found in the Hillel, Seasons, or at his Queens apartment. Feel free to drop by!

Margalit Graber
Women’s Program Team, OU-JLIC Club Secretary

Margalit Graber lives in Woodmere, NY. She went to SKA for high school and then spent a year learning at Shaalvim for Women in Israel. She is now a Junior in Queens College, majoring in psychology and trying to figure out which career path to take! Margalit became involved in OU-JLIC at the start of her college experience by participating the Midrasha Program where she enjoyed learning from the OU-JLIC Educators while making new friends as well. Her connection with OU-JLIC grew when Margalit, along with Rabbi Charnoff and other passionate friends, helped create the OU-JLIC Club. Leading the Women’s Program of the OU-JLIC Club, Margalit hopes to create learning opportunities and social programming that cater to the massive women’s student community at Queens College. Margalit is looking forward to meeting new students on campus and is always available to hear what events her fellow students are interested in seeing take place!

Eliana Moskowitz
Co-Ed Program Team, OU-JLIC Club President

Eliana Moskowitz grew up in East Brunswick, NJ. After graduating from the Yeshivah of Flatbush (yes, she knows it was a long commute from NJ!) she studied in Israel at Tiferet in Ramat Beit Shemesh. Eliana is now a Senior at Queens College where she is a Studio Arts major. You can usually find her with some paint on her skirt or holding a funky piece of art. After graduation, Eliana hopes to become an Interior Designer. From the moment Eliana stepped onto campus she knew she wanted to be involved with the large Jewish student community at Queens College and for her there was no better way to do it than with OU-JLIC. She loves to use her creativity to develop programs that she and her peers enjoy! Eliana became involved with OU-JLIC as the first ever OU-JLIC Student Ambassador. She then helped reorganize the student leadership structure within OU-JLIC and became the first President of the OU-JLIC Club as well as the head of the club’s Co-Ed Program. Eliana is super excited to be able to enhance her fellow students’ experiences within the Jewish community of Queens College. She also loves ice breaker questions, so if you have any good ones let her know. Eliana cannot wait to get to know all of you, so don’t be shy and come say hi!

Binyamin Muller
Men’s Program Team

Binyamin Muller was born in Queens, NY. He picked up and moved to Teaneck Ir Hakodesh, leaving his entire life behind, when he was but two years old. He attended YNJ and TABC before spending a year and a half learning in Israel at Reishit Yerushalaim. Binyamin continued on to Queens College where he is studying Applied Math. During his free time, Binyamin enjoys cycling, reading, and working to make amazing events through the OU-JLIC Men’s Program, of which he is unanimously appointed Emperor. When not grooming his beard, Binyamin can usually be found in the Hillel, and is more than welcome to discuss anything you would want to talk about. Don’t be intimidated by his rugged appearance; beneath the manly mane is a good listener who just wants to be there for you.

Tehila Schwartz
Women’s Program Team

Tehila Schwartz grew up in Teaneck, NJ. After graduating from Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls, Tehila studied for a year at Tiferet and is now a Sophomore at QC. After taking a variety of classes required by Queens (like archaeology and drama), she still has absolutely no idea what she wants to major in. If you have any ideas for her, please let her know – she is open to suggestions! Tehila has a passion for Torah and for creating exciting programing for women on campus and cannot wait to make a difference in Jewish student life at Queens College. She is very excited to be a part of the OU-JLIC Women’s Program Team and can’t wait for the upcoming year!

Jacob Skolnick
Men’s Program Team

Jacob Skolnick grew up in North Woodmere, NY. He graduated from DRS and then studied for a year at Torat Shraga in Bayit Vegan, Israel. Jacob is currently a Sophomore in Queens College looking to major in psychology or neuroscience. He is excited to be a part of the OU-JLIC Men’s Program Team, working to make Jewish life on campus as great as it can possibly be. Jacob is always happy to meet new students and enjoys chilling in Hillel Lounge and learning in the Beit Midrash. And he is always looking for a new ping pong buddy. Jacob is pumped for an awesome, jam-packed semester at Queens with OU-JLIC!

David Stahl
Co-Ed Program Team

David Stahl is a native of Teaneck, New Jersey. After graduating from Torah Academy of Bergen County, he spent a year in Israel learning at Yeshivat Hakotel. He then attended a different college for a year before a Simchat Torah at Queens College showed that there was no better place to be than QC! Since switching over, his love for the QC Jewish community has only grown and he is dedicated to helping the community develop in any way that he can. Finding a place in the OU-JLIC Co-Ed Program Team, David is excited to create fun programming to continue to elevate student life at QC. David loves to learn and to hand out with other people, and he will always make time for anyone who has a question, needs help, or just wants to chat about the meaning of life.

Shaindy Stern
Women’s Program Team

Shaindy Stern grew up in Hillcrest, NY. After graduating from Central, Shaindy went on to study in Israel for a year at Tiferet and is now a Sophomore at Queens College. You can always count on Shaindy to have a variety of stickers on her at all times as well as a joke or two to brighten your day! Shaindy loves all Torah, and especially enjoys OU-JLIC’s Weekly Shiur Klali on the Parsha (Wednesdays at Free Hour!). She is very excited to be a student leader on the OU-JLIC Women’s Program Team and would be thrilled to answer any questions you might have or just hang out and chat!

Aviva Walz
Women’s Program Team

Aviva Walz grew up in Queens, NY. After attending Central High School, she spent a year in Israel learning in Michlelet Mevaseret Yerushalayim (MMY). Aviva then came to Queens College where she is now in her Sophomore year. She loves learning about science and health and is a Nutrition and Exercise Science major, hoping to go to nursing school after completing her undergraduate studies. Aviva also loves learning Torah and first got involved with OU-JLIC through participating in HaMidrasha at QC in her first semester on campus. This year Aviva is excited to be part of both the OU-JLIC Women’s Program Team and the Midrasha Team, where she is part of creating innovative women’s events and helps run the biggest women’s Torah learning initiative on campus. Through these two OU-JLIC teams, Aviva hopes to contribute to the growth and success of the Jewish student community at Queens College. Aviva is super-pumped for the upcoming year! And, fun fact, Aviva’s first and middle name are both palindromes: Aviva Hannah!