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OU-JLIC is partially funded by the generosity of the Orthodox Union and Hillel. However, we very much rely on your support. Your tax-deductible donation is a great opportunity to help hundreds of Queens College students grow religiously and spiritually throughout the college years and stay connected to their Judaism. Through your partnership, we will continue to expand and reach more Jewish students than ever before!

Sponsor an event:

With numerous learning opportunities every day and special events happening every week, there is always a program available for you to help us make happen. Sponsor this week’s Seudah Shlishit, a chaburah on the parsha or Jewish thought, a Women’s Rosh Chodesh event, or any other program that speaks to you. This is a wonderful way to honor the memory of a loved one, promote a speedy recovery, or celebrate a special occasion. To sponsor a specific learning opportunity or program, please contact Rabbi Charnoff at

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Your support is what keeps us going! You can generously make a donation by clicking here to access our online giving page or mail a check made out to “OU-JLIC” with “Queens College” in the memo line to:

Att: Rabbi Ross
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